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I am a Experienced Body-Work practitioner offering both a Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage treatment as well as a Combination Massage Session. The choice is yours.

The Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage focuses on specific problem areas where I will work on a area during various sessions. We can combine the upper and lower back areas in one session whilst targeting which ever part needs more work. We can also do a 90 min session incorporating the Deep Tissue and Full Body Massage to ensure an overall body rebalance and pleasurable experience.

The Combination Massage Session is a combination of Compression, Swedish and Esalen techniques using medium to deep pressure which focuses on achieving relaxation.

Additionally I use a Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Cream for my Combination which contains Certified Organic Botanicals essences – Lavender, Passion Flower, Melissa & Sage.

Your comfort is my priority and will I ensure you are professionally looked after.

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341 w 45th st ny 10036 usa, New York, New York, United States


Tel: 027721598069
Mob: 0721598069

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  • $45.00 Sensual / Therapeutic 60 mins

  • $60.00 Deep / Therapeutic / Sensual 90 mins

  • $45.00 Rebalancing Deep Tissue - 60 mins (per area)

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    15 reviews on “Deon Theron”

    1. Michael says:


      Deon told me that he did training on balancing and I asked if we can try that on my shoulder which keeps bugging me. 4 sessions later and I am pain free for the last 3 weeks. It feels like heaven. It is a little sore at first, but the results are worth the pain.

    2. Massage Addict says:

      Superb Experience

      Deon provided an amazing massage. It was evident that he is very skilled and has a mix of techniques that were exhilarating. Setting up an appointment was easy. Deon was superbly friendly and it would be great to experience his massage on a regular basis. Highly recommended!

    3. Markus says:

      Massage was Incredible

      Deon provided me with an excellent therapeutic massage. He is very atuned to his client needs. On top of that, Deon is an extremely nice and caring person inside out. He is extremely personable and makes you feel as you have been friends for a very long time
      I can’t wait to book another session with him next time

    4. Cornelius says:

      Relaxing and Perfect!!

      I have been twice back to Deon simply because his massages are really, really just so amazing. He has the perfect touch, is highly skilled and qualified, and the environment is calm and beautiful. You can’t go wrong with Deon at all, he is simply perfect. thanks!

    5. Greamme says:

      The Best!!

      the greatest compliment one can pay Deon is that one cannot wait to get back on his massage bed.

    6. Andrew says:

      LOVED IT!!

      The best massage I’ve ever had. Incredibly relaxing. Deon is a great guy, wonderful personality, super friendly and very charming.

    7. Jan says:


      Deon is a professional and highly skilled massage therapist. Whether you choose a relaxing or a deep tissue massage, you can be assured that it will be performed in an absolute professional manner! Deon – certainly the best massage therapist in Cape Town!

    8. Wade McLemore says:


      I happened to develop some unpleasant upper back/shoulder pain while traveling in S. Africa recently. I was so fortunate to be in Cape Town for a few days and was able to schedule a session with Deon while I was there. I have never had a rebalancing deep tissue massage like that before. Deon’s combination of techniques created one of the best massage experiences I’ve ever had. On top of it all, he is professional, super friendly, accommodating, and even gave me advice on how to help alleviate future problems with my back. My only regret was that I wasn’t in town longer in order to book another session! Thanks again Deon.

    9. Guy A says:

      Deon is a very focused gifted professional body-work practitioner. A gem.

      I am an ex-London based international retired bodywork specialist with 40 years experience in the field. There are some bodywork practitioners who genuinely have a healing gift of touch. Deon does. Since he has been working on me regularly this past three years he has additionally learned different difficult techniques which require incredible understanding and focus. What has impressed me is how he has successfully incorporated and combined these new techniques and understanding with his own natural gift of touch. I can without any hesitation recommend Deon. He is a very focused gifted professional. A gem.

    10. HN says:


      Deon is quick to respond when making appointments and always offers a warm and friendly welcome. His location on Beach Road is beautiful and pleasant and easy to find. Communication is always good and he adjusts his technique and style to accommodate his clients needs. I have been seeing Deon for several years now and would highly recommend him..

    11. Mark Dane says:


      I’ve been seeing Deon for over a year now, and I can honestly say he is the best masseur in Cape Town. His warm, kind reception each time I arrive is what I look forward to each time I go for a massage. I really appreciate his ability to constantly adapt his technique to suit my needs foreach specific session. I highly recommend him!!!!!!

    12. Hannes Geyer says:

      Unmatched in Cape Tow

      Finding a massage therapist with exceptional skills as well one that is a great person is virtually impossible. However, Deon ticks all the boxes. I have been a client for some years and every session still leaves me invigorated and inspired. I love the fact that he offers different massage options, as ones needs are not always the same. First class service from a first class human being

    13. Avi JHB says:


      Deon’s massage was a new experience for me and I can’t count the number and styles of massages I have experienced. He was able find and relieve my knots and tense areas. Ambiance created during the massage was very serene and relaxing. He was very well mannered and explained his process clearly before the massage. I would recommend this treat.

    14. Robert California says:

      Superb and intuitive

      Going to Deon was an incredible experience. I booked an early morning appointment and he was kind enough to confirm it the day before. I arrived tired and jet lagged and within moment he could tell I was also suffering from a lower back problem that he then proceeded to work on. Deon is very intuitive with the body and there were moments where I fell asleep on his table. I highly recommend Deon.

    15. John JHB says:


      Thank you for doing the treatment in Joburg. A truly professional massages. The room temperature was nicely set and room clean . Best treatment that Ive has in a long time. Cant wait for the next one. Thank you